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Hi, I Am Blathur Haridass

I’ve been working since 1998 as a career counselor and educational consultant and helped thousands of students excel in their life not only in academics but also holistically. As part of ‘helping them gain holistic wellness’, I explored more into nutrition and natural wellness too. That led me to learn Meditation, Acupressure, Yoga and Sound Healing one by one along the way and applied and tested myself for a long period before passing advice on any of them. 

After getting trained by some of the top digital coaches of the age in this period 2017-19, I found the need of a large number of quality wellness trainers and coaches to help our society which is so dangerously drifting towards vulnerable health conditions unknowingly or helplessly. Hence I thought training other aspirants like me to be a full time Wellness coach with my long experiences put in a shorter way, so that anybody with some aptitude can reap the fruits comparatively in a very short time.

I designed the entire course into two levels, level one is a five days’ foundation course, which is more of an introduction course and the level two is a 60 days’ internship course with lots of practical applications and a sort of on the job training. For more details you can check the Program section on this site

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